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Mobile App for Recipes

Mobile App for Recipes

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Mobile App for Recipes


This project was done for Innovation Cell at Godrej Appliances, Mumbai. The requirement of the project was to create a mobile app to hold the content of recipes that could be made using new appliances under development at the Innovation Cell. The app were to be used to test these new appliances with the demographic users and collect feedback on the appliances.

Team and stakeholders

I worked in a multidisciplinary team of engineers, product designers and product managers. I was the only interaction designer and user researcher on the team. My role also included collaborating with the team members and work as a bridge between various components.

The key stakeholder for the project was the management team of the company that required to validate the need and acceptability of the products in the market. Hence functional prototypes of the products were built for usability testing.

The following process was followed during the project.



The research for the mobile app was done to understand and create recipes that would be used by users to cook in these appliances. The research was done in three primary areas


Recipe Structure Research

Researched on various formats of recipes, from textual, oral, or audio visual and understanding advantages and trade offs for different formats with respect to the information about the recipe and ease of comprehensiveness for the target users

User Behavior Research

To understand how the target users behave in their respective kitchen environment while they are cooking either while following a specific recipe, or while cooking out of memory

Cooking Research

Research to understand the cooking process to best translate a process into a recipe that is easy to understand and follow without intervention and achieve identical results in each instance of cooking



Recipe Organisation

The recipes generated were organised based on cuisines, occasion or the expertise required to cook them. We used card sorting as a participative process with our target users to help with the process

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We performed this card sorting activity on a circular canvas, to nudge the participants to think out of the box and create groups of recipes instead of lists



User Personae

User personae were created to understand the different demographics of users that we were targeting and better extract and organise the research findings from the behaviour research and recipe research. Creating personae also helped us to design the mobile app so it is more accessible and usable for our end users


Research Mapping

Following the research, we created empathy maps and journey maps to better understand the pain points and needs of our users and identify opportunities to solve problems that would lead us to establishing the features required in the app



Android Screens

The mobile app screens were designed to enable easy access to recipes that were to be cooked using the appliances.



Learning and Takeaway

The most valuable takeaway from the project was the experience of collaboration with a team of professionals of such diverse backgrounds. I also understood the working of an Innovation cell within a bigger organisation and how small teams contribute to the overall strategy of the big corporation.