Satyan Chawla
Designer | Photographer | Human
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Cooking Process and Recipe Research

Cooking Process and Recipe Research


Cooking Processes and Recipe Research


The project was done with Godrej Appliances as part of their initiative to develop new kitchen appliances. Since these kitchen appliances were targeting new cooking processes, we were required to research on these processes and develop techniques and recipes. We also researched on ways to represent these processes in a digital format so it is consumable by our target users.

This two year journey of working with food and recipes had a special impact on me personally. I started feeling closer to nature while closely observing these natural processes and developed a very unique affinity towards all kinds of food preparation, the early signs of this attraction got captured here



Learning to cook

Since the project required intense understanding of cooking processes and food preparation, the team got involved in learning the processes by following recipes, attending cooking workshops and classes, reading literature about cooking including recipe books.

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Recipe Format Research

To develop content and recipes for the platform, we did extensive research into cooking processes, breaking down recipes in different formats and from different media and analysed the advantages and limitations of those formats. The goal of the project was to develop a format of recipe that is the most intuitive for users without any cooking experience and they learn the basic skills of cooking while following these recipes.



Test Kitchen

I set up an in house test kitchen to research on recipes, and test the format of recipe we were creating to find out how intuitive it is and if the users are able to follow the steps.



Conducting Workshop

By the end of the project we wanted to test out the acceptability of new recipes we had curated on the Indian palette. We collaborated with a restaurant in Mumbai to host a paid event where we serves samples of 8 dishes prepared by us. The event was very well received and also got featured by local media.



Recipe Documentation

I created a sample format for a recipe to be uploaded on the mobile app (the format is confidential until the app is launched), this sample was supplied to an external agency to follow to create further recipes for uploading on the mobile app.



Learning and Takeaway

It all started with reading a book, and pretty soon I was tempted to share my own thoughts about cooking. Working on this has been a transformative experience and cooking is now a part of my daily mindfulness lifestyle.