Satyan Chawla
Designer | Photographer | Human
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Mobile app for hyperlocal beauty services platform

Mobile app for hyperlocal beauty services platform

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Mobile app for hyperlocal beauty services platform


Amber Beauty provides a suite of luxury beauty services by professionally trained stylists at the consumer’s home


We were creating an online platform to host professional beauticians and stylists which the consumers could book for at home beauty services or for occasions

Brand Brief

Amber was a relatively new brand in the beauty services industry. From the beginning we wanted to create a product that stands out in the market for its seamless experience and premium design



App Concept

The app was envisioned as a social networking platform around beauty services for women. We created the framework of the platform where women would be incentivised to post pictures of themselves while using our services and invite their friends and acquaintances to the platform.


Consumer App

There were two apps developed for the platform, one for the service side that beauty practitioners, professionals and freelancers would use to expand and manage their clients and business and the other was a consumer app that primarily women could use to book services. I designed the consumer app for Amber.


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Service architecture

Amber was offering various beauty services that were unorganised and printed on a brochure. While making the app, to make it easier for users to navigate and understand the services on a small screen and also better manage the structure of services in the back end to manage orders, I created a hierarchical architecture to organise the services in four levels

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App Interface

Some of the screens from the User Interface I designed for the mobile app following the reformed service architecture



Learning and Takeaway

The best part about working on this project was that I was exposed to this world of beauty and wellness products and services that I wouldn’t have looked into otherwise and realised that making the right decision in choosing a service is very important for people. Another step to be more empathetic for people around me.