Satyan Chawla
Designer | Photographer | Human
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Marketing Campaigns, Films and Photography for Beauty services startup


 Marketing Campaigns, Films and Photography for Beauty services startup


Amber Healthcare is a hyperlocal beauty services provider and serves a platform for local beauticians to list their services and for the consumers to book these services online. As part of the ongoing marketing activities to grow the operations of the company, we did many digital campaigns to spread the work about Amber and its services.

Team and Stakeholders

I was working primarily with the cofounders and the marketing team of the organisation to brainstorm the campaigns and produce the content. I also set up an in house photography studio at our headquarters and produces a series of videos there. The marketing team was handling the logistics of these campaigns, and I was directing, shooting and editing the video series.



Videos series for International Women’s Day

We created a series of short documentaries about women entrepreneurs in Mumbai who were uplifting the society and became an inspiration for everyone.

My role: Photography, Sound, Script, Editing, Animation




I set up the inhouse photography studio at the company’s headquarters in Mumbai where we created video series for marketing campaigns and beauty and product photoshoots for marketing material and website.



Learning and Takeaway

The experience of working in this glamourous industry was fantastic. Photography has always been a passion for me and I pushed myself while working on these campaigns and developed skills that broadened my expertise and are proving to be useful in many other projects.