Satyan Chawla
Designer | Photographer | Human




Short Films & Documentaries 


Tawfik Manham is a product designer based in Mumbai, India. To reconnect with friends and family, he started an initiative to send them a hand-drawn postcard every day.

Suhani Mohan of Saral Designs changing mentality around women sanitation
Rekha runs an NGO to educate and train young girls living in the slums
A peak into how Amber is empowering women by training them and giving them employment
Jyoti Dhawale share her life story, talking about stigma around HIV and how she is trying to spread awareness

A short exploration into Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, covering its academics, student life and facilities. This documentary was created as a design project undertaking by me and Tushar Chhabra while at the Department of Design, IIT Guwahati.

TimeScapes is a time-lapse video shot in IIT Guwahati campus to showcase twenty four hours at the campus within three minutes. Each shot is made by shooting 200 RAW images at a different location and running them at 24 fps.
The people who gave you Alcheringa year after year, share their emotions for the last show they give you. This is a compilation of the views and emotions of the final year core team members of Alcheringa, just one week before Alcher '14, their last show in the IITG campus.