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In my four years of professional experience as a UX Designer, I have never come across an occasion where I was to develop business strategies for a company, but the area was so interesting to me and I was curious how a few people make decisions that impact lives of thousands of others who trust them and millions more who aren’t even aware that their lives are indirectly being affected by those decisions.

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DesignSatyan Chawla
The sixth sense of cooking

Say you are given a recipe by a master chef to cook, listed with all the ingredients from diced onions to kosher salt to chiffonade cilantro, each and every step and procedure carefully detailed, do you think you’d be able to replicate the recipe to the same taste? No you won’t.

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CookingSatyan Chawla
When you go camping, carry more than just a book

Monsoon in India is an exciting time for travelers, especially the adventurous kind who like to connect with nature in its most innate form.

So one weekend we set out with our troop of trekkers, all seventeen of us to scale the hills on rented cars since the Varandha Ghats were a good 250 kms south-east of Mumbai.

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TravelSatyan Chawla
The pride in the fight for our rights

Marching in unison to the slogans of pride and dignity, people from all ages, genders, orientations, professions and religions came together on 3rd Feb 2018 in August Kranti Maidan in central Mumbai to show their support for the LGBT community as they fight against the section 377 of Indian penal code that criminalises sexual activities “against the order of nature”

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