Satyan Chawla
Designer | Photographer | Human


Our exclusive combination of experiences

shapes the way we solve problems


Our exclusive combination of experiences shapes the way we solve problems


I believe that design is at an intersection of technology, art and humanities and my journey through design has shaped me as a T-shaped individual gathering knowledge of diverse fields of work and building my expertise in user experience design


My first encounter with design was in 2010 at the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati where I studied the principles of design and discovered the importance of design thinking in practically every industry possible

Thereafter I worked for four years in Mumbai as a UX designer in startups and eventually consulting for a corporation in an Innovation environment



I work with technology to innovate products and services



I find solutions to bridge the gap between business requirements and consumer needs



I am passionate about visual media and its power to influence change


Leveraging my knowledge in multiple domains, I find myself comfortable working in multidisciplinary teams and in collaboration with the stakeholders, users, field experts and other functions of the entity. I believe that throughout the course of a project it is essential to involve the right people at various stages

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